The roundabout at Cathal Duffy's, with vehicles in their correct lane.

Councillor takes issue with ‘chancer’ motorists

IF you like to drop into the right lane to avoid the queue at roundabouts a Mayo councillor is not happy with you.

Councillor Al McDonnell highlighted this as an issue at the Cathal Duffy roundabout in Castlebar.

Eighty per cent of the traffic at the roundabout is turning left or going out the Ballinrobe Road, meaning the number of vehicles in the left lane is far greater than the right, he said.

What some motorists coming up from Spencer Street were doing was going into the right hand land and coming right around the roundabout to exit for the Dublin Road or Ballinrobe Road.

"It is seriously annoying for those of us who obey the rules," he told colleagues at a local area meeting.

Councillor McDonnell asked if it was a traffic offence, saying he wasn't sure that it was.

"Those of us who obey the rules are being victimised by those chancers," he added.

Senior engineer Ann Sweeney informed the councillor that she didn't believe these motorists were breaking any laws.

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