Man dies while climbing Croagh Patrick

A MAN has died while climbing Croagh Patrick.

Rescue 118 and Mayo Mountain Rescue Team both attended the man on the cone section of the mountain following a callout on Thursday.

The mountain rescue team were assisting a female casualty who had sustained a lower leg and head injury on the descent from the summit, stretchering her to the base to a waiting HSE ambulance, when they received a tasking from the gardaí to assist a male casualty on the cone section, approximately 1km from the first casualty.

The team immediately retasked the first response party to the location where bystanders were assisting the casualty.

Rescue 118 was also tasked to assist and once the Coastguard helicopter’s paramedic was on scene, R118 positioned further team members and equipment to the location from the base at the back of the mountain.

The mountain rescue team has extended its sympathies to the family and friends of the deceased.

They also extended thanks to R118, the HSE and those who provided assistance before the first response team and paramedic from R118 arrived.

* Picture, from Mayo Mountain Rescue Team Facebook page