Pupils of Snugboro National School celebrate Confirmation Day


Aidan, Rose and Jamie Maughan.
Linda, Ger and Shane Lohan.
Mick, Ellen and Reiltin Shaw.
Saidh O’Donnell with her mum and dad PJ and Regina.
Tom Murray with his mum Catherine McHale and his dad John Murray.
Niall Keane with his mum Alison and his dad Fintan.
Hannah Hauttmann with her parents Georg and Maura.
Nigel, Aaron and Helena Harcort.
Sheila, Tom and Tara Coen.
Pat, Oran and Martina Cloherty.
Ava King with her mum and dad Ollie and Michelle.
Joe Brinklow Basquille with his mum Melissa Brinklow and his dad Colin Basquille.
Padraig, Aaron and Clara Kinsella.
Sweetley, Joash and Paul Jehu.
Dean, Emma and Denise Moran Munnelly.
Kyle, John and Pamela Flynn.
Cian Smith with his mum Jane and granny Helena.
Colm, Tom and John Heneghan with their mum Trish.