School principals seek clarification on Leaving Cert errors

School principals have commenting on the reports today that the Department of Education has uncovered significant errors with the Leaving Certificate Calculated Grades programme.

Clive Byrne, Director, NAPD said: “We await further information on the detail of the errors uncovered by the Department of Education in the Leaving Certificate Calculated Grades programme.

“This system was implemented due to the unprecedented circumstances brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and was rolled out with the upmost co-operation and understanding by all stakeholders, not least so, the Leaving Cert class of 2020.

“While this was the first-time school principals and teachers have undertaken such an endeavour, every detail of the Department of Education’s instructions were carefully and comprehensively implemented in calculating the grade of each student.

“For these reasons, it is crucial that the department now clarifies the exact extent, consequences and corrective measures relating to the errors uncovered.

“The Leaving Cert class of 2020 participated in the calculated grades system with the upmost maturity and understanding.

"It is now vital that those students impacted by these errors are communicated with immediately and efficiently to alleviate concern where possible.

“In addition, there is a need now to extend the deadline for students to register to sit a traditional Leaving Cert exam paper this November.

"The deadline of this Friday is no longer realistic as students, upon receiving clarification on these errors, will need more time to consider their options.

“The NAPD encourages all students and their parents to follow Department of Education guidance in full, once it is provided.

"As always, each student’s school principals, teachers and career guidance counsellors will remain available for support where needed.”