Mayo independent councillor calls for investment in Western Rail Corridor

An independent Mayo elected representative has expressed his support for the Western Rail Corridor development.

Councillor Mark Duffy said project would breathe new life into the west of Ireland and help further improve our carbon footprint and a move towards a sustainable economy.

The Ballina-based representative elaborated: "In practical terms, it would mean that Mayo people, particularly our students, would be connected to the line and be able to travel to the likes of Galway, Limerick and Cork by rail.

"Given how prohibitive it is for young people to get insured and drive independently at present along with the inadequate road infrastructure in this region, a decision to reopen the line is a no-brainer.

"We do not need a report or feasibility study to tell us how important this would be for the west.

"Last week, however, a study was released which had all the hallmarks of a report that was created and manipulated to give one answer: No reopening.

"The study has many inaccuracies, errors and fails to take in the overall impact of what the Western Rail Corridor would mean for the western economy.

"However the taxpayer has generously footed the cost of this bill of €0.5million.

"If the leader of the Green Party, who is also the Minister of Transport, is serious about reducing carbon emissions, and the move to a green economy, then he must ensure this government move to deliver the line, and not push this project off any further."

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