Cycling Ireland Training Hub initiative announced

Cycling Ireland members gain access to live and on-demand workouts anytime, anywhere with the Cycling Ireland Training Hub.

Designed for all cyclists, a series of strength and conditioning, stretch and core sessions will be delivered weekly, helping cyclists to stay motivated and ready.

Former professional cyclist Matteo Cigala leads a 10-week stretch session on Monday evening and a challenging lunchtime core session on Thursdays.

Sports Med Ireland, one of Ireland’s leading experts in physiotherapy and strength training, will deliver an eight-week strength and conditioning class, which can be undertaken with minimal equipment. Expert-led training sessions will continue to be delivered on the Cycling Ireland Training Hub throughout 2021.

Access to the Cycling Ireland Training Hub is free to 2021 members. Simply log in to the membership portal and activate your account. Once you have activated your Cycling Ireland Training Hub account you can access workouts at any time through your membership portal.

On Monday next, February 22, at 6 p.m., Matteo Cigala leads a 30-minute stretching routine, helping you loosen out after the weekend and prevent injury.

On Wednesday, February 24, at 6 p.m., the eight-week strength and conditioning programme commences, delivered by Sport Med Ireland physiotherapist Tara Neylin. This is designed for injury reduction and functional strengthening for cyclists.

Session one will incorporate learning the fundamental movements within the gym setting. All the session will be adapted to be done at home. During the session, Tara will be going through the correct gym technique whilst beginning the upper and lower limb strengthening programme. The session will include a five- to 10-minute warm-up, including some mobility work, and two strength training circuits.

Equipment required includes an exercise mat, med ball/football, a platform to stabilise your hand on (i.e. a table just below hip height), any weights available at home (dumb bells, kettlebells or even a heavy schoolbag filled with bottles of water or rocks, etc).

Lunchtime core starts on Thursday, February 25, at 1 p.m. This 30-minute workout, led by Coach Cigala, focuses on strengthening your core, obliques and back muscles. Core strength is important for cyclists across all disciplines.

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