Council has 13 houses available in rural parts of Mayo

MAYO County Council currently has 48 vacant units in its housing stock.

Twenty-one properties are under repair, eight are ready for letting, and works are due to commence on a further 19.

There is also other stock which is available for emergency accommodation, head of housing Simon Shevlin told a council housing committee meeting this week.

The council has 13 other houses in rural locations where there is no social housing need and they are working with the municipal districts to sell them off.

Councillor Michael Kilcoyne noted that these properties, in isolated areas, may be difficult to rent again, but there were people who were willing to go anywhere and would be glad to get them.

Where homes had been built but there was now no next of kin, the council would take the properties back and re-let them.

Councillor Kilcoyne asked that councillors be made aware of where the available houses are.