Call on council to restore its use of Mayo crest

COUNCILLORS in Mayo want to see the county crest restored on local authority documentation.

Its absence on recent publications - such as local newspaper ads for the All-Ireland final and the council's annual report - was highlighted at the monthly meeting of the authority by Councillor Michael Kilcoyne.

The crest of the local authority was missing off them, and, he asked: “What happened to the crest when it's missing?”

Councillor Annie May Reape noted how the crest has also been removed from council trucks, equipment, etc.

The crest, she said, had been used in the past by Mayo GAA and was then adopted by the council.

She felt they were doing themselves an injustice by not having it any more.

Councillor Kilcoyne said he had no objection to the 'M' sign being used, but the crest had totally disappeared.

Director of services Catherine McConnell said the crest will always remain the crest. Members were strongly in favour of both appearing on their documents and that was no problem.

The 'M' logo is about visibility, the crest is an official emblem. The logo is about a sense of identity and it was instantly recognisable and a strong brand.

The members issues about the crest would be taken on board. They could find room for both, she said.

Chief executive Kevin Kelly said having viewed Mayo from outside for a long time, he felt the 'M' emblem is very strong as an identifier for Mayo.