LETTER OF THE WEEK: Another major Mayo monster road?


SCIENTIST reports on climate change are getting more frequent the more disasters appear.

They frighten the public – for a while – but they do not frighten politicians.

There is no point now to neglect the catastrophic situation. Politicians play poker with our children's future. Do we allow them to continue?

Megalomania and disrespect and arrogance turned our habitat into a distressed area which will be not much longer able to cater for us. Exhausted resources cannot guarantee sustenance.

There was hope that there would be no further violent attack on the environment after the already trouble-making Ring-Road.

Instead of realising this disaster, immense money is spent on planning and design for a new irresponsible project – one which contradicts the climate action plan. (This money could have helped the invalid health system.)

Is there anyone out there who believes we can win the war against nature? If so then let us build motorways to the cliffs.

Yours sincerely,

Hertha Schaer,