An inspirational story from a church in Mayo

by Ernie Sweeney

WHILST I was tidying up after Fr. John's Mass at the Church of the Holy Rosary in Castlebar, three little girls between the ages of four and eight suddenly appeared out of the darkness on the left-hand side of the church into the light of the high altar.

They asked me a question with a low, respectful whisper. "Please sir, can you give this money to the poor people?"

They had a plastic bag of coins containing ten cents and 20 cents (which it seems they gathered up over the past week or so).

Then their sister came up the centre aisle of the church, who would be about 11, to check and see if her younger siblings were speaking to me in the proper manner and instructing me properly where the money was to go.

I referred them and brought them over to Fr. John and told him of their request for the money.

He accepted the money and he gave them each a blessing (in full robes to show respect and love for the children).

I can honestly say I was in the presence of four angels.

I offered them a present of some money myself but they said: "Oh no sir, give it to charity."

This is one very happy man and also Fr. John was a very happy man leaving the church because we experienced the real spirit of charity at this time of year..

And I want you, my dear friend Fr. Conal Eustace, is to hold onto this bag of coins, because Fr. John and I will replenish the money and will give it to charity.

Because your hard work, sermons and love of God most likely inspired their parents or grandparents, who in turn passed on the inspiration to the four little girls ranging from four to 11 years of age.

Any time, if you ever doubt that you are doing a good job on behalf of God and his Son, please read this note and look at the coins every so often to give you inspiration.

Do not give away the coins as I have replaced the money.

You inspired me too and I have in turn tried to pass on that goodwill that you have given me onto my daughters and grandchildren.