Mayo radio broadcaster Aidan Crowley. PHOTO: ALISON LAREDO

Mayo broadcaster tells of his 'challenging' Covid experience

A popular Mayo broadcaster has told of his experience after contracting Covid-19 over Christmas.

Speaking on his new year return to his current affairs afternoon programme, Grapevine, on Community Radio Castlebar (CRCfm), Aidan Crowley said the illness was mild, describing it as "little more than a light head cold."

However, he found the self-isolation rule very challenging.

He explained: "It got to a point where day and night were no different to me.

"I was sleeping for many hours during the day and lying awake at night.

"There are only so many books and newspapers you can read or radio programmes you can listen to in order to pass the hours.

"There was one night when I was sitting down to a steak dinner at 2.30 a.m.

"I really annoyed me that I could not even go out for a walk despite feeling perfectly well.

"The mixed messages from NPHET and the government in regard to the 10-day isolation period also angered me.

"There was an immediate move to consider reducing it once more and more people were not turning up for work after having positive Antigen test readings.

"They need to make up their minds. Ten days was certainly too loo long for me," he added.