Debut album from Mayo's Stepping on Lego released this week

WHEN You Feel Like Screaming, the debut album from Stepping On Lego, will be released next Friday.

This nine-track instrumental album is ambient yet energetic, incorporating elements of classical, electronic and rock genres.

It was composed, performed and produced by Conor Waters, the man behind Stepping On Lego, and took just over two years to complete.

Developed during the Covid-19 pandemic, When You Feel Like Screaming was symptomatic of the new found time that Conor had to reflect. The result was a musical journey that ranges from ambient and minimal to lush and energetic.

Stepping On Lego is an alternative artist from Mayo - multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Conor Waters.

Inspired by artists such as m83, Olafur Arnalds and Hans Zimmer, Conor also draws influence from his favourite band as a teenager, Radiohead.

Conor is a classically trained pianist and he has been playing piano since he was seven.

Having studied medicine in NUI Galway, he works as a doctor in Dublin.

During his time in university in Galway, he was keyboard player with established Irish act Rofi James.

Conor uses a wide variety of synthesisers and sampled orchestras, combining them with acoustic elements such as piano and guitar. He prides himself on producing eclectic, cinematic music.

Have a listen to live version here:

When You Feel Like Screaming is available on all platforms from April 29.