Call to address Claremorris estate sewerage works

A CLAREMORRIS councillor wants to see sewerage issues in a local housing estate dealt with. They concern Mayfield estate where Councillor Tom Connolly said residents have been left in limbo.

Councillor Connolly tabled a motion at a local area meeting calling on Irish Water for an update on the estate, where works are due to be carried out on the sewerage for some time now.

He understood there is a financial bond in place and asked why the works have not been carried out to-date.

In his motion he requested a full update on when works will start and be completed so final works can be completed on the road way.

In response, he was told an application is submitted to Irish Water seeking approval to carry out remedial works to the sewerage network in the estate to allow the taking in charge of the estate to programme. Funding has been secured for the works and the council are awaiting approval to proceed.

Councillor Connolly said he got a similar reply as far back as August 2020. Two years on and Irish Water haven't one thing done. It was unfair on residents who paid top dollar for their homes and were also paying property tax. They were in limbo.

Councillor Richard Finn said the council needs to keep the pressure on Irish Water to get it sorted as soon as possible.