Fifty calls in 48 hours for house to rent ad in Mayo

A MAN who advertised a house to rent in Castlebar received 50 calls over a 48-hour period, with callers pleading their case to secure the property.

The story was relayed at a local municipal district meeting by Councillor Al McDonnell, a local auctioneer, to highlight the chronic housing situation that exists.

He doesn't normally do rentals but did so on this occasion as a favour for a client.

After receiving 50 calls over a 48-hour period, the man rang in a state of distress asking that the ad be taken down.

“That,” said Councillor McDonnell, “is the level of demand for housing.”

People are not just looking for accommodation. They are pleading for it, he added, and making cases for their families.

“It gave me an indication of the situation and it is chronic.”

Rising rents are another issue, said Councillor Michael Kilcoyne.

He was speaking to a man who has been paying €450 a month for a one-bedroom apartment in Castlebar. Overnight it is now going up to €800.

There are no rent increase caps in areas like Mayo and he asked what national public representatives are going to do about it.