Council questioned on plans to house Ukrainian people coming to Mayo

MAYO County Council has been questioned about how it intends to provide homes for people arriving from Ukraine.

According to the latest CSO data, there are 790 Ukrainian refugees in Mayo. However, that number is believed to be considerably higher.

What will happen, Councillor John O'Malley asked at the local authority's monthly meeting, with hotels having to ask people to leave and other property owners wishing to return to Airbnb.

He knew of one property for eight people which was now housing 19, and it wasn't up to standard.

The situation is a terrible tragedy, said Councillor Peter Flynn, who asked how the situation was going to be managed and proper homes found in the not too distant future.

It was impossible to get a room never mind a house to rent.

Director of services Tom Gilligan said it is a very fluid situation and they are working with the various agencies to provide solutions. He did admit he would like to see more collaboration and joined up thinking.

An application has been made to the department in relation to a number of buildings to house one hundred plus people.

They have been reliant on the tourist sector and they were now gearing up for the summer season. Trying to find accommodation is getting harder.

Mr. Gilligan said there has been a good response to requests for pledged accommodation and so far 25 people have been accommodated that way, and there are a further 17 properties out there that they are using.