Photo: Aran Woollen Mills Facebook page

New investment set to create 50 jobs at Mayo location

A new business is set to open in the former Gateway building in Belmullet.

The Gateway bowling alley/leisure complex closed last year.

Now Aran Woollen Mills have applied to Mayo County Council for permission for building modifications and a change of use to industrial/manufacturing, with a pop-up retail area, at the site on the Ballina Road, in Attycunnane, Belmullet.

Documentation submitted to planners by the Westport-based mills sets out how there is an opportunity now to generate employment with the repurposing of the building.

Due to the nature of the proposed works, the expected loading on all facilities, including traffic, will be significantly reduced.

The proposed usage will be limited to approximately 50 employees and goods deliveries not exceeding two in and two out each day.

This will result in a nett decrease or less intense use of the access point onto the public road.

The Gateway Leisure Centre closed last October with the loss of 20 jobs.

Crippling insurance costs were behind the decision to close.