Cloongullane bridge: A thing of Mayo beauty

By Auld Stock

CLOONGULLANE bridge, a few miles outside Swinford, is a thing of beauty.

Officially opened some months ago after years of agitation by Dáil deputies, local councillors and villagers in the area, the bridge is built over the river Moy and is a wonderful piece of craftsmanship.

The new bridge also emphasises the fact that we in this county have the expertise and ability to carry out major environmental works.

So well done to all concerned.

The trouble is that in Mayo and the west of Ireland generally we have to wait years for major projects to become a reality.

Leo Varadkar, our new Taoiseach, has stated he is determined to give priority to major projects in the west of Ireland.

The Industrial Development Association is of the same mind.

Actions speak louder than words. It is now over to the Taoiseach and the IDA to live up to their promises.

The people of Mayo urgently need their support.

Now more than ever.