Photo: George Karbus Photography

New series North Atlantic - The Dark Ocean to air on Sunday

A NEW three-part natural history series, North Atlantic - The Dark Ocean, produced by Sea Fever Productions, screens on Sundays, May 14, 21 and 28, at 6.30 p.m. on RTÉ One.

Supported by the Marine Institute, this new natural history series follows underwater cameraman Ken O’Sullivan as he voyages off Ireland’s coast and out into the open North Atlantic in search of large whales, deep water sharks and other iconic creatures that inhabit our dark ocean.

Through the series Ken shares stunning visuals and stories of our sea, showing us the lives and endeavours of some of our greatest wild animals, including fin and killer whales and several shark species on their migrations around the North Atlantic. We also gain an insight into how our ocean ecosystem works, learning about microscopic plankton, tiny plants and animals that have a big role in our ocean.

Part of the series was filmed on board the Marine Institute’s research vessel the RV Celtic Explorer and the Institute’s remotely operated vehicle, the ROV Holland 1, enabled the production team to journey to the deepest parts of Ireland’s Atlantic waters.

Speaking about the production, Ken O’Sullivan said: “Almost three years in production, North Atlantic - The Dark Ocean is a hugely ambitious natural history TV series featuring the iconic creatures and fascinating marine life of Ireland’s North Atlantic ocean.

“It would not have been possible without the support of many. We are particularly grateful to the Marine Institute for providing us with ship time and access to the RV Celtic Explorer and their remotely operated vehicle, the ROV Holland I, which enabled us to voyage further, explore deeper and share amazing discoveries in Ireland’s deep ocean.”