New report lifts lid on Mayo's illegal dumping shame

Friday, 10th August, 2018 1:35pm

New report lifts lid on Mayo's illegal dumping shame

A NEW report compiled by Mayo County Council has lifted the lid on the issue of illegal dumping across the region.

Michael O'Grady, the author of the blueprint, cited the fact that 28% of householders in the county are not paying for 'a definite waste management system'.

That means there is no record of where their refuse is ending up, although a percentage are likely to be involved in recycling.

Mr. O'Grady said the council, which invests heavily in waste management regulation and enforcement, faces a challenge to get these householders to become part of a properly functioning waste management community.

"That would constitute the most significant step in prevening further illegal waste activity. Illegal waste activity only thrives if the market is available," he explained.

The dossier has been circulated to all elected member of the authority and is due to be debated in September.

The total number of waste management and enforcement inspections conducted by the council so far this year stands at 1,234.

This figure does not include inspections by litter wardens and litter surveys which bring the total to 2,060.

The routine and non-routine inspections have been concentrated on three priority areas, namely illegal dumping, household and commercial waste management and waste tyres.

A number of the inspections were carried out in response to complaints by members of the public.

Mr. O'Grady added that as well as the 28% of dwellings without a definite waste management system, up to 14,088 householders are not availaing of kerbside collection, civic amenity sites of bin sharing schemes.

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