Mayo doctor's book reveals how to achieve lasting happiness

Story by Aiden Henry

Thursday, 8th November, 2018 4:42pm

Mayo doctor's book reveals how to achieve lasting happiness

Dr. Huma Tofique was joined at the launch by Austin Vaughan, John Mulroy and Bernard Hughes.

LAUNCHING Dr. Huma Tofique's latest book, The ABC's of Blissful Joy, in Castlebar Library on Thursday night, John Mulroy, Castlebar Chamber of Commerce president, said it was a publication that everyone should get and read as it illustrates how to achieve lasting happiness and peace of mind in the simplest way.

Dr. Huma, who is doctor in Mayo University Hospital, received rave reviews for her two previous publications, and judging by the huge interest in this new book already, it seems the best selling author has come up with another gem of a read and looks set to reach record sales.

The large crowd who attended the launch were welcomed by MC, Austin Vaughan, Mayo County Librarian, and said they were thrilled to launch Dr. Huma's prestigious book in Castlebar Library.

In addressing the attendance, John Mulroy said he was delighted and honoured as Castlebar Chamber of Commerce president to be asked to perform the official launch of Dr. Huma's book.

“I have already had the pleasure of reading this book and to say it was a top class read would be an understatement.

"It was just a lovely, easy read and illustrates in detail how simple it is to live a happier, healther and more fulfilling life. Indeed, even my eight-year-old daughter found it very easy to read and understand.

“Right from the opening chapter you are immediately taken aback by how easy it is to have a much better and happier life. She says that you live your life in a manner which allows you to accept yourself for who you are on a daily basis and that this requires that you live your life from the inside out rather than have others dictate how you live your life.

“As you go through each chapter the theme is always the same in the many ways you can adopt your lifestyle so easily to live life to the fullest and enjoy it with every day that passes.

“Overall, this book really amazed me and I can't emphasise enough what a life changing read it can be for everyone.

“Finally, I would again encourage everyone to get a copy of this book and I am delighted to now officially launch this magnificent publication.”

Dr. Huma Tofique who is a medical doctor, public speaker, psychotherapist, life coach, depression and relationship councellor and mindfulness facilitator, said her latest book is filled with insights and stratesies for a new and improved way of living to help you in achieving optimal health and happiness.

She stated: “This book is a simple and easy to read book, with topics arranged alphabetically which serve as easy-to-remember mantras that one can incororate into your life.

“This book is a step-wise guide about how to achieve lasting happiness, meaning, purpose and joy in your lives.

"It is a journey worth undertaking as you shall truly be a transformed person by the end of it, and that is guaranteed as we are not the one saying it - decades of numerous trials and researches have proved these methods to be highly successful. It shall help you attain and possess the apparently elusive state of true blissful joy.

“Finally, I would like to say it has been a pleasure to share my tips and tricks to genuine happiness with you in this book. I wish you luck, prosperity, happiness and abundance in every aspect of your precious life,” concluded Dr. Huma.

This book, The ABC's of Blissful Joy, is now available in all book stores around the county.

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