Sympathy extended to victims of New Zealand murders

Friday, 15th March, 2019 11:46am

Sympathy extended to victims of New Zealand murders

Renua Mayo representative Michael Farrington has offered his deepest sympathy to the victims of the New Zealand murders and those injured in this attack.

In a statement issued this morning Michael said: “We in Ireland, from Omagh to Dublin, have experienced enough terrorism to know the personal, social and political consequences of this act of cowardice. New Zealand will never be the same again.

“We need as a society to learn serious lessons from this murderous assault on decent people.

"New Zealand is a quiet and gentle country, yet this did not save it from this murderous attack. The lessons we must learn include the need for eternal vigilance.

“Terrorism of all shades does not come in the open; it comes from the shadows of our worst impulses. New Zealand shows the truth of the IRA statement after the Brighton attack that terror only needs to get lucky once to release the dogs of war and mayhem.

“This attack was apparently by white supremacists. I have no doubt this fact will be used as justification by Jihadi terrorists to attack Christian targets as happens virtually daily in much of the Islamic world but is totally ignored by western media.

“We should also recognise that the New Zealand massacre is the inevitable consequence of the gathering collapse of civil discourse. We need to be kinder in how we operate in public.

“In this regard digital media must examine its conscience. It is time we ended the current wild west style non-regulation of digital.

“We must also be informed by this attack when it comes to our attitudes to Europe and to immigration. It is time to renew the vigour with which we defend the values of co-operation and multi-culturalism.

“Those parties which use racism and xenophobia to advance their political ends or who nod and wink when hotels are burnt should be sent to political Coventry.

“Renue Ireland reiterate our sympathy and prayers for the victims of Christ Church. Your wound is our wound.’’

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