Renua Ireland selects candidate to run in Castlebar area

Wednesday, 20th March, 2019 12:44pm

Renua Ireland selects candidate to run in Castlebar area

Michael Farrington has been picked by Renua Ireland to be their candidate in the upcoming local elections in the Castlebar electoral area.

He represented the party in the 2016 General Election and received over 1,500 first preference votes.

Michael said: “The party were anxious to run a candidate in Castlebar area, which includes the County town, and I was happy to put myself forward.

“Castlebar, as the administrative centre for the county, needs to be promoted and developed to enable it become the major economic driver for all of Mayo.

“I believe I can bring some fresh thinking and new ideas to help regenerate the town centre, develop tourism, grow the G.M.I.T. campus and make Castlebar more attractive to both Irish and Foreign investors.

I am passionate about saving rural Ireland and our unique way of life which is under immense pressure from Dublin centric politicians who view rural Ireland as a problem rather than an asset.

“When rural Ireland is viewed as a problem by politicians, this view then becomes embedded in the thinking of the upper echelons of the public service and consciously or unconsciously informs all their decisions on rural Ireland.

“Hence we have little or no investment, no broadband, closed Post Offices and Garda Stations, ever reducing public transport, no investment in roads like the R312 and a general attitude first spoken by Cromwell in 1653 of 'To Hell or to Connacht'.

“Connacht and Mayo in particular, is not just a wonderful place for those inside the M50 to visit on weekends. It is where we live, work and play. It’s where we rear our children, educate them and prepare them for the future.

“We demand that they have a choice of spending that future in the county they call home.

“It’s past time rural Ireland started demanding it’s fair share of the national cake and I certainly intend playing my part in making sure we get it.

“I look forward to the campaign and have faith that the people of Castlebar will support me in the council, a new voice with fresh and innovative ideas that will work for those that matter most – the people.”

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