River wave surfing plans progressing

Friday, 19th April, 2019 2:56pm

River wave surfing plans progressing

(Image from Ballinrobe River Surf website).

PLANS to create a world-class surf-able river wave on the Robe River are progressing.

Ballinrobe River Surf (BRS), a not-for-profit organisation, will build and maintain the river surfing wave in Ballinrobe.

The group have approached South West Mayo Development Company for concept and design funding for the project.

The River Robe has the potential to create one or more river surfing waves near High Street/Bridge Street in the south Mayo town.

Chris Harnesse explained that to progress, a club/association had to be be formed and via the new updated website - www.ballinroberiversurf.com – sufficient numbers have signed up as future members to allow them form an official group.

The huge interest in the project is evident by the numbers signing up – they exceeded the required figure within two days of it being rolled out online.

The next steps now, he said, are to organise a meeting with future members (probably in mid May), form the club, register as a non-profit and secure funding for a full feasibility study, completing phase one of the project.

BRS's vision for surfing in Ballinrobe is to build a river surfing wave/s that are world class.

Their mission statement sets out: “We see the wave as a major cultural anchor that brings people together and improve Ballinrobe's economy. We see the wave as a way to connect people to rivers and to educate people on the high value of our river environments.

We vision athletes training hard at surfing and representing Ballinrobe and Ireland as Olympic and professional surf athletes.”

The venture offers a unique opportunity for Ballinrobe to be a pioneer in this inland water sport, attracting surfing enthusiasts, tourists and specators.

Let your surf buddies know about the membership page – https://www.ballinroberiversurf.com/membership.

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