People 'paid' to vote

Thursday, 11th July, 2019 9:06am

People 'paid' to vote

A NUMBER of people in Mayo have been 'charged' to vote.

They have had to pay for medical certs in order to obtain a postal vote despite some being medical card holders.

The issue was raised at a meeting of Mayo County Council by an 'appalled' Councillor Gerry Coyle.

He had receipts that showed where people had to pay for a doctor for the right to get a postal vote and he wanted to know what the chamber were going to do about it.

He presumed it was the same in every other part of the constituency.

Councillor Johnny O'Malley said he knew of people who didn't vote because they had to go to the doctor for a cert to get a postal vote.

Chief executive Peter Hynes said this wasn't something over which the council has any authority.

It was a concern and it was right to raise it in the council chamber. They could raise the issue with the department.

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