Mayos gay bull finds hollywood hero in simpsons cocreator

The co-creator of The Simpsons has come to the rescue of Benjy, the gay Mayo bull, writes Joanna McNicholas.

The pedigree Charolais was unwilling to mate with cows on his farm, preferring to pursue male animals, leaving his owner with no choice but to fatten him for the meat factory.

Now, Hollywood producer and philanthropist Sam Simon has stepped in with a donation of £5,000 to support animal rights group ARAN in their fundraising campaign to have Benjy sent to an animal sanctuary in the UK. This will add to funds already raised through the crowdfunder website which was set up by The Gay UK magazine and which received donations from the public.

Mr. Simon, who is terminally ill, heard of Benjy’s plight through PETA, who are also supporting the rescue. The Sam Simon Foundation is an organisation dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating homeless dogs.

Mr. Simon is using the time he has left and his resources to help a number of other animals. This includes 17 bears transferred from barren concrete pits to a lush new home, securing a chimpanzee who spent 18 years in confinement in a zoo and a lame horse used for racing.

Benjy’s present owner is arranging the bull’s Department of Agriculture Health Cert, which means he is free to travel to England to live in the Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

“What could be better than to present Benjy with a Christmas gift that will last a lifetime, by giving him a one way ticket to freedom,” said ARAN spokesman John Carmody.

Benjy’s owner said that he was ‘pleased and relieved’ that Benjy would be able to live out his natural life span.

It is expected that Benjy will be moved to the UK within the next two weeks.

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