The late Rev. Jack Heaslip, formerly of Westport.

Death of former mayo pastor who was chaplain to u2

ANGLICAN clergyman Rev. Jack Heaslip, who spent the last few years as ‘travelling pastor’ on Bono and U2’s world tours, passed away at his home in Howth, Dublin, at the weekend.

The popular preacher, a former Rector of the Aughavale group of parishes in west Mayo, had been battling motor neurone disease for some time.

In recent years, Rev. Heaslip has been chaplain to U2, travelling worldwide with them and their small army of 500 or so crew members.

His friendship with the band members began in the 1970s when he was a guidance counsellor at Mount Temple Comprehensive where the musicians were educated.

The present rector of Aughavale group of parishes, Rev. Val Rogers, paid tribute to Rev. Heaslip for ‘his intelligence, courage and love’. Rev. Rogers added: “Those of our parishioners who knew him are distressed at his passing.”

Rev. Heaslip, who was in his 70s, is survived by his wife, Patricia, and family. Funeral arrangements have not yet been finalised.