Fianna Fáil party leader Micheál Martin pictured with Gerry McGuinness, chairman of the Mayo FF Dáil Ceanntair.

Fianna fil take mayo general election gamble

The Fianna Fáil party has announced its decision to postpone the Mayo candidate selection convention scheduled to take place in Castlebar on Sunday. Delegates throughout the county received notification by post this morning (Friday) of the decision.

The reason given for the postponement is 'to allow further research in the constituency regarding strategy and further consultation with the members'.

It is understood party HQ is unhappy with the decision taken by the Mayo FF Dáil Ceanntair last month in favour of a three candidate strategy despite party leader Deputy Micheál Martin indicating his preference a number of days earlier for a two-candidate approach.

The Connaught Telegraph's political columnist Tom Kelly said the postponement has gone down like a lead balloon in east Mayo where Knock-based official Leonard Ryan had been nominated. The name of Westport Councillor Brendan Mulroy was also put forward along with outgoing TD Dara Calleary and Castlebar-based Councillor Lisa Chambers.

'The move is clearly designed to halt in its tracks any prospect of a third party candidate running and that will not do the morale of the organsiation any good,' added Kelly.

The convention is now unlikely to take place until May.