Baby Saoirse Grace May.Photo: Irish Mirror.

Mayo baby creates unique family history


BALLINROBE baby Saoirse Grace May has created family history without even knowing it!

She was the first girl to be born in the May family for 117 years

According to the Irish Mirror, little Saoirse arrived on August 6 to proud parents Laurence and Leanne May, from Ballinrobe.

Overjoyed new dad Laurence, 34, beamed: 'We didn’t know it was going to be a girl, it was a surprise.

'There’s great excitement, everyone was delighted. We had great celebrations. It’s terrific because we’ve gone so long without a girl in the family. I’m an only child and my father is an only child so I don’t have any nieces or nephews.

'I checked the census records from 1901 and the last girl to be born in the family was 1898 when my grand aunt Anne was born.

'Anne would have been Saoirse’s great grand aunt. It could be all girls from here on in you never know.

'The main thing was that the baby was healthy so that’s all we wanted one way or the other.'

Baby Saoirse was born at University Hospital Galway.

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