An Taoiseach Enda Kenny pictured at the opening of the new BNI global office in Castlebar with Sandra Hart, director of European Affairs, BNI.Photo: Keith Heneghan/ Phocus.

Taoiseach confirms whinger charge was directed at Fianna Fail


AN Taoiseach Enda Kenny spent yesterday in Castlebar where he outlined his party’s vision to bring the recovery behind the door of every home in Mayo and Ireland.

He stated: “There were 30 jobs announced in the town on Saturday and we are beginning to see the start of the recovery hitting the town.

'I have spent the last five years, along with the people of this country, fixing the economic wreck left behind by Fianna Fáil.

“I will take no lectures from Fianna Fáil. Many of the people I have met in recent weeks have told me that the Fianna Fáil campaign in the town is based entirely on criticism of my record. They have no vision, no plan, thrive on negativity and I reject that. They are the whingers I was referring to.

“They are now latching onto a desperate attempt to gain publicity from more negativity. I reject that too.

“I know how hard the people of this county have worked over the past five years. Together we will pull this country back from the economic abyss left behind by the party of Calleary and Chambers. Five years later we are in a very different place.

'Fine Gael has a clear economic plan and we can bring this recovery home to everyone. That is where our focus is. That’s is where our vision is. The people of Mayo have worked too hard to throw it away to those who offer nothing but sound bites and criticism.