A musical and sporting link with 1951 Mayo team

A SONG from west Mayo has been gradually gaining prominence on YouTube ahead of the All-Ireland final replay.

The song title is 'Home to Mayo' by a group called Stop 'n Go (taken from the county colours), and is a get-together of a few local families between Louisburgh and Castlebar.

The Morahans are well represented and one of their number, Tommy, is the youngest son of Dan the Street Singer (RIP). On the sporting front, Joe Staunton (RIP), who played at No. 5 on the 1951 All-Ireland winning team, is represented by his son John, while John's son Sean plays the whistle on the track and his daughter Eva is also a participant. The jersey young Sean is wearing is the one his grandfather wore when he played on the victorious Mayo team in the 1951 All-Ireland final.

The original song ('Home from the Sea') was composed by Phil Coulter and lends itself to the epic voyage which has been the hallmark of Mayo's quest for All-Ireland glory. Here's hoping it's a song all Mayo fans will be singing as they exit Croke Park on Saturday next after the All-Ireland final replay against Dublin.

Those involved in the song are: Erika Pollington, Conor Morahan, Leo Morahan, Gerry Morahan, Tommy Morahan, Joe Dyar, John Staunton, Sean Staunton, Eva Staunton, John O'Dowd, and Pat Friel.

Have a look at their song here.