Mayo University Hospital. Photo: Alison Laredo

Nursing homes call for greater HSE engagement in alleviating Mayo hospital pressures

HSE must recognise the critical role of private and voluntary nursing homes to support care delivery within Mayo University Hospital, according to a statement issued by Nursing Homes Ireland (NHI). 

Within Mayo communities, 17 private and voluntary nursing home providers are equipped to meet the specialist care needs of persons requiring 24/7 residential care. 

These nursing homes have the capacity to provide care to 800 persons. They operate to the highest standards, with independently-monitored regulation underpinning the homes' commitment to enhance the quality of life of persons residing within them.

The statement outlined: “A total of 660 collective cases of persons lying on trolleys in Mayo University Hospital were recorded by the INMO for the first six months of 2017. This represents an average 110 persons per month. 

“The role of private and voluntary nursing home providers in relieving pressures upon Mayo University Hospital cannot be overlooked. They are available to meet the transitional, respite, rehabilitative and long-stay care needs of older persons requiring discharge from the hospital. 

“The principle of resident choice in respect of care for persons following hospital treatment must be adhered to.â€Â 

Tadhg Daly, the chief executive officer of NHI, commented: “Private and voluntary nursing homes in Co. Mayo have beds consistently available to meet the care requirements of persons awaiting discharge from Mayo University Hospital. 

“They provide dedicated, specialist care in ‘home from home' settings in local communities within close proximity to resident relatives and friends. 

“It is critical the HSE consistently engages with these specialist healthcare facilities to alleviate pressures at the hospital. 

“This will ensure persons are enabled to avail of the care most appropriate to their care needs within their local communities and Mayo University Hospital is enabled to focus upon acute care provision.â€Â 

*Nursing Homes Ireland members in Co. Mayo are listed at, and are available to provide transitional, respite, rehabilitative and long-stay care.