Mayo County Council implements Level 3 flood response to Hurricane Ophelia

MAYO County Council has implemented a Level 3 flood response to Hurricane Ophelia which is expected to approach the county's shores tomorrow, bringing severe winds and stormy conditions.

High wind speeds in excess of 80 km/h and gusts in excess of 130km/h are expected, potentially causing structural damage and disruption, with dangerous marine conditions due to high seas and potential flooding.

A Level 3 respose means that the flood emergency plan has come into operation and arrangements are in place in areas of the county that may be at higher risk.

The first meeting of the local crisis team has been instigated and this team will remain in place until such time as the level 3 response has been stepped down.

A statement by the authority said: “We are urging the general public to be careful as they go about their daily routines. Should you need to travel, extreme care should be exercised mindful of the conditions.

“Please be aware of the potential of fallen trees, branches, electricity wires, debris on the roads and walk-ways and flooding in certain areas.

“Coastal areas pose a very high risk at this time from wind and high seas. Please exercise extreme caution in these areas.

“We would like to ensure the public that Mayo County Council will update you with further information as appropriate over the hours ahead and would request the co-operation of the Public until such time as the storm has passed.”