Foxes being spotted regularly in Mayo urban centre

FOXES are being spotted regularly close to Castlebar town centre.

Are these nocturnal rambles by animals more normally associated with the countryside becoming more prevalent?

The wildlife management people certainly think so.

With food supplies in rural parts decreasing due to the huge decline in poultry rearing over the past half century foxes have begun to check out potential new habitats.

They have even been known to take up residence in private gardens.

Two recent sightings of 'Reynard' in Castlebar town were at Stephen Garvey Way (bus stop) and Davitt's Terrace.

The two foxes didn't seem too shy or concerned about the proximity of humans as they ambled along under the street lights.

It is understood the new 'townies' are often malnourished and famished looking.

Males marking their territories do so by leaving a pungent trail of urine.