Minister lauds valued contribution of woodturning to Mayo rural communities

THE Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michale Ring, has highlighted the important contribution made by woodturners in rural communities in Mayo and throughout the country.

Minister Ring was speaking at the Craobh Eo Woodturners annual one- day seminar which took place in the Gateway Hotel, Swinford.

Minister Ring said: “It’s great to see that this ancient craft is alive and well in Mayo, as evidenced by this wonderful event in Swinford. Woodturners and their craft make an immense contribution to our culture as well as our economy particularly at a local level.

“Woodturning together with other craft sectors provides vital employment, especially in regional and rural communities.

“As part of Ireland’s innovative design and craft sector, woodturning is vibrant, diverse and original. It provides vital jobs across the country while sustaining the skills on which Ireland’s unique heritage for craftsmanship is based.

“There are 700 to 800 members in the Irish Woodturners’ Guild, so by choosing to give Irish woodturning craft or art as a gift, you can play a part in sustaining jobs and provide opportunities for the creation of further jobs in the future. It is a vital part of our craft sector which plays such an important role in the rural economic infrastructure.

“Each Woodturning item carries an authentic story around who created it and where it comes from using skills that are traced back through time.”

* Pictured is the organisation's Ferris wheel which was display at the annual Craobh Eo woodturning seminar at the Gateway Hotel, Swinford.

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