Urgent need for CCTV cameras in Castlebar estates is highlighted

AN independent candidate in the Mayo local elections has committed, if elected, to allocating a significant amount of his allocation to providing CCTV in Castlebar estates to help people feel safer in their homes.

Former town councillor Harry Barret elaborated: “Castlebar is a safe town but like every other town, it has issues every now and again with anti-social behaviour and sporadic burglaries.

“I want to copy a successful scheme that's been in operation in Westport, where they have 18 CCTV cameras looking after eight local estates.

“This scheme has been championed by independent councillor, Christy Hyland and has been very well received. It has being used as a very effective crime and anti social behaviour deterrent in the Westport area.

“I will be asking residents' associations to put forward expressions of interest in CCTV. I will then advise on the contribution to be made by residents and I will be topping up that contribution with a portion of my allocation if I'm elected. Additional Council funding will also be sought to add to this.

“I will also be asking other councillors to come on board, and to share the cost of this proposal. If no support is forthcoming I will begin the process myself over a number of years.

“Local businesses protect their properties with CCTV so it is obvious that we should move with the times and use technology to assist in crime prevention in Castlebar. The era of leaving the door unlocked has come to an end

"I will assist residents' associations to put in place this safety measure that will make people, especially older people, feel a lot safer and will allow gardaí to quickly apprehend those who engage in anti-social behaviour or theft from property in Castlebar."