Another plea to resolve Joe Deacy memorials issue

Another plea to resolve Joe Deacy memorials issue

A RETIRING councillor has made one last request – resolve the issue of the Joe Deacy memorials.

The appeal was made by Independent Councillor Gerry Ginty who said he didn't think an apology to the Deacy family over the removing of the memorials was enough.

Joe Deacy (21) was discovered with severe head injuries outside a house at Gortnasillagh, Swinford on August 12, 2017, and subequently died.

Memorials erected by his family on the N5 and Kinaffe crossroads were removed by Mayo Conty Council in recent months.

Councillor Ginty highlighted to management the wishes of the family to commemorate their loved one.

Sometimes you have a job to do and sometimes you can be a little kinder, he said, adding that sensitivity is a word we don't hear about.

Ahead of him retiring next week, the councillor asked at his final council meeting: “I ask management one last request, that some significant progress will be made to fulfill the wishes of the family.”

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