Achill distillery celebrates with US Ambassador

IRISH American Whiskey, who recently opened a distillery on Achill Island, joined in the 4th of July celebrations at the US Ambassador's residence in Dublin.

Guests of Ambassador Edward F. Crawford for Independence Day, it has been a remarkable journey for a brand dedicated to and proud to represent the heritage of generations who persevered in pursuit of the American dream.

Ambassador Crawford himself has family connections in Achill Island.

Irish American Whiskey had a leading stand at the celebrations at the US Ambassador's residence at Phoenix Park, operated by Sean, Michael, Paul and Katie McKay.

Providing cocktails, samples and conveying the qualities of this family run brand, the popularity of summer cocktails the 'Uncle Sam' and 'Jackie O' spread fast, with visitors hugely interested in the story behind the brand's journey.

Irish American Whiskey launched the first island-based distillery in Ireland last month on Achill. Their Irish whiskey is currently on sale across 15 states in the US, operating from US headquarters in Boston, and focused on developing sales in the California market.