Need for care and courtesy at Mayo pedestrian crossings

AN educational campaign on the use of pedestrian crossings in Mayo has been recommended.

Eddie Lavelle, a member of the county's roads strategic policy committee, highlighted the cathedral crossing in Ballina as a problem area for non-adherence.

There was, he said, lots of advertising by the Roads Safety Authority but he had never seen any about the need for care and courtesy at pedestrian crossings.

Councillor Cyril Burke was of the view that people don't know the difference between a pedestrian crossing and a courtesy crossing.

Head of roads Paul Dolan said they will run a campaign again to ask motorists to slow down and have respect for the pedestrian, who has the right of way.

The issue of people breaking red lights was also raised.

Mr. Dolan said when the lights were in place at the roadworks in Balla, the issue was only resolved after the gardaí got involved. Before that people were just ignoring them.