Praise for Mayo media for role during Covid-19 crisis

AN elected member of Mayo County Council has acknowledges the fantastic role the local media is playing 'in these terrible times'.

In a statement issued tonight, Councillor Ger Deere said: "They are constantly updating us with news and keeping us in the loop.

"There are delivering the news to us that is important to our local community.

"They are informing us of the good news and the good news stories too and that is very important right now.

"The national media are doing a great job of delivering the official news from HSE Ireland and the government.

"But when we are distancing ourselves within our own community, it is nice to read an opinion from a local journalist, to hear a familiar voice on radio, to see a picture of a local event. This local spirit keeps us going.

"As much as they are supporting us, we need to support them now too. Buy the hard copy of your local paper, read the free publications and recognise the advertisers keeping it going.

"Send a text to our two local radio stations and tell them the great job they are doing. They are all worried too.

"As a nation, we are in this together but right now as a community, we are relying on each other. We have a great community. Don’t be afraid to show it."