Feed The Heroes has now delivered over 55,000 meals to frontline workers

Feed The Heroes, established just four weeks ago in response to Ireland’s Covid-19 emergency, has delivered 55,000 meals to critical frontline workers nationwide.

Enabled by the support of over 15,500 donors who have contributed over €933,000 to date, the daily meal delivery is often the only break for the critical frontline workers as they work long hours in challenging conditions.

The ward teams who are voluntarily isolating from their canteen and colleagues, the lab workers who work 14-hour days and the paramedic teams doing home testing until 11 p.m. each night are all receiving meals funded by Feed The Heroes.

As well as being a small practical support, each meal is a symbol of gratitude and solidarity.

Of the meals delivered each day, 15% go to Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and High Dependency Units (HDUs). A further 15% go to emergency responders such as paramedics who are conducting home testing and community care.

Kevin Nugent, owner of Mr. Waffle, Galway, commented: “The nurses and frontline staff in UCHG have supported my business since the day it opened and I am very grateful for their support throughout the years, so when the outbreak happened I wanted to give back and support the frontline heroes by supplying them with lunches each day.

“The business has been closed since March 15 but we have still managed to provide lunches thanks to our GoFundMe and Feed The Heroes. My incredible staff volunteered to help but since the restrictions it has been only myself and Leroy, our executive chef, who have taken turns to prepare and deliver the lunches.

“The days can be long working on your own but it's pale in comparison to what the frontline staff have to deal with on a daily basis. We have provided 4,200 lunches since.”

With each meal costing approximately €7 to prepare and deliver, even the smallest donations to Feed The Heroes can make a real difference. Individuals who wish to make a donation can contribute through the website www.feedtheheroes.com.

Speaking today, Feed The Heroes fund founder Cian O’Flaherty said: “It is incredible to think that only four weeks ago we kicked of this campaign with little more than good sentiment and some takeaway phone numbers. During that time our meal deliveries have become much more than just food – it has become a social connection, a reminder that despite being physically distant we are all connected.

“It is a real privilege to be able to support critical frontline workers in this way. Our objective is to continue to do so for the duration of Ireland’s emergency response. We remain entirely reliant on donations and the generosity of the Irish people. The support has been amazing to date and we would ask people to continue to support in whatever way they can.”