Martin and Jennifer Dempsey with a Business All-Star Award they got for their range of Sealac products.

Mayo company producing seaweed supplements for agri sector

A KILTIMAGH family are producing a unique range of quality seaweed supplements for the agricultural sector.

And the Dempseys' latest product on the market is a seaweed supplement for humans.

Their company, Sealac, is being run by Martin and Mhairi Dempsey and their daughters Jennifer and Rebecca.

Jennifer told me: “We dry and produce high quality seaweed supplements for the agricultural sector. Our seaweed is harvested along the west coast of Ireland. Once it has been cut it is then brought to our production plant in Kiltimagh where it is dried, shredded, milled and packaged by hand.

“My parents Martin and Mhairi are pig and poultry farmers for the past 25 years. They were looking to improve herd performance and reduce antibiotic use on the pig unit in Kiltimagh.

“As antimicrobial resistance is becoming a huge problem for the future they were looking for ways to improve gut health and wellbeing in both piglets and sows.

“In 2016 they started looking into the benefits that seaweed had to offer. Not being able to find a suitable product they liked on the market, they decided to dry and produce one themselves.

“They created an area that allowed them to dry the seaweed at a low temperature. This helps to retain all its natural minerals, vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides and antioxidants.

“The seaweed is hung by hand and can take up to three to five days to dry. It's a slow process but again it helps it to retain all its natural minerals and vitamins. Once the seaweed is dried it is then shredded and milled.

“My parents then began adding it to the ration for the pigs and within one month they could notice an improvement in herd health which led to a reduction in antibiotic use on the farm.”

Jennifer Dempsey with a handful of the prized seaweed.

Jennifer added: “After over a year of using seaweed on the pig unit and the positive effects they had seen in both sows and piglets they decided to create a range of products for the agricultural sector.

“In 2018 myself and my sister Rebecca came on board to help start the business. Since then Sealac has created a range of products such as Good Gut Health, Follow On Flake, Electrolyte Plus, Sealyte and Sealac 60.

“In 2019 Sealac launched a range of products into the Irish and UK market (NI) for use in calves, cattle, sheep, horses and pigs.

“Our products are to promote gut health in a natural and organic way to boost and support the immune system from a young age.

“Seaweed helps to target beneficial bacteria in the gut resulting in overall health benefits leading to a reduced use of antibiotics.

“Our latest product is our Carrageen & Kelp Seaweed supplements for humans. Each capsule contains a blend of carrageen and kelp.

“Carrageen has been known to work wonders for congestion and mucus, while kelp can raise energy levels and boosts your immune system.”

Jennifer said some of the key benefits are: boosts immunity, its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties can help to fight against common colds and flu, it is high in iodine and protein, it can contribute to hair and nail regrowth and is suitable for vegans.

Their full range of products are available on their website at and limited co-ops - Homeland, Kerry Agribusiness. They are also on Facebook and Instagram.

Sealac Ltd. are located at Enterprise House, Aiden Street, Kiltimagh, and Jennifer can be contacted on (083) 4469749 or email

* Pictured at top, Martin and Jennifer Dempsey with a Business All-Star Award they got for their range of Sealac products.