111 abortions carried out in Mayo last year

One hundred and eleven abortions were carried out in Mayo last year, according to newly released statistics from the Department of Health.

This is the first annual report to be published since the grounds on which termination of pregnancy is lawfully permitted were expanded in Ireland, following the result of the May 2018 referendum on the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution.

In total, 6,666 terminations were carried in the state in 2019. 

The largest number of abortions were carried out in Dublin (2,493) followed by Cork (606) and Kildare (295), while the lowest number was carried out in Leitrim (27).

Over 98 per cent (6,542) of the abortions took place within the first six weeks.

Up to 100 were carried because of what the report described as 'a condition likely to lead to death of foetus'.

A total of 21 were carried out due to a risk to life or health of the mother and three were performed due to the risk to life or health in an emergency.

*Pictured is the HQ of the Department of Health.

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