Cyclists should not wear headphones – Mayo councillor

A MAYO councillor has suggested that cyclists should not be allowed to wear headphones.

Councillor John O'Malley has also taken issue with cycling two abreast, holding up traffic.

At a council roads committee meeting, he said: “It should be mandatory that they don't have ear plugs in and you should get into single lane.”

Some cyclists, he said, are not getting into single file when they hear traffic behind them and were putting their own lives in danger.

And with ear plugs in, they don't hear the traffic behind them as they are 'jigging' away with the music.

Councillor Neil Cruise agreed that while listening to music, you could not be aware of your surrounds.

The point was made to Councillor O'Malley that legally cyclists are permitted to cycle two abreast.

Councillor O'Malley said he had nothing against cyclists but they should have consideration for traffic on the road.

Director of services Tom Gilligan said you could have the same argument for slow drivers.