Too much money leaving our local economy in online Christmas shopping surge


IT is understandable, with the enforced closure of retail outlets in this country, that many people have resorted to purchasing a wide variety of goods online.

In fact, over the past few weeks, purchases online in this country have totalled 51% of the Irish market.

It should be kept mind that most of this money is leaving our country and leading to job losses in Ireland.

It is now more important than ever to show our support for local industry and retail outlets.

The retail industry in this country, pubs, hotels and restaurants have endured a shocking few months with their premises shuttered and their staff sidelined.

It is interesting to note that many traders, showing initiative and enterprise, are overcoming the closure of their businesses by finding other means of selling their goods.

From a business point of view and the maintenance of jobs, we are living through very difficult times.

It may be a cliché but it is now more important than ever to shop local.

It is, in essence, a time to display true patriotism.

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