Hypnotherapist Laura McDonald.

Castlebar therapist contributed to Awaken Your Wellbeing book

By Tom Gillespie

LAURA McDonald, a therapist based in Castlebar, put some of her Covid-19 lockdown time to good use after her friend Sharon Fitzmaurice contacted her asking if she would like to write a chapter in an upcoming book.

In it, 14 therapists write about how events in their own lives drew them to their chosen area of work, and how they are now using their skills to help other people.

Laura wrote about the two main therapies she uses in her practice - hypnotherapy and BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT). You can find out more about Laura on her website at www.edenwellness.ie.

Laura said: “Awaken Your Wellbeing is a collaboration of wellbeing therapists and practitioners who have joined together to help bring awareness and understanding in supporting your wellbeing and helping you with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual journey in this amazing book.”

All profits from the publication go to the Galway Simon Community.

Laura added: "We have a dedicated Facebook page which can be found at https://www.facebook.com/awakenyourwellbeing where you’ll find lots of information and will also be able to view the recording of the book’s live launch, a fantastic event in which the authors introduced themselves and spoke a little about their chapters.”

The book is available from Amazon, Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop and Kenny’s bookshop.

Laura McDonald is a clinical hypnotherapist and BrainWorking Recursive therapist. She can help you let go of old habits, beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that you feel no longer serve you well.

Laura is daughter of the late Denise Henaghan of Ellison Street, Castlebar. Her sister is Joyce Prendergast, Castle Street, and Denise’s brother was the late pharmacist and councillor, John Henaghan. Laura’s grandparents were Marjorie and Dr. Brendan Henaghan, Ellison Street.

Since 2004 Laura has assisted with a number of issues including smoking cessation, stress, PTSD, weight loss, childhood trauma, abuse, childbirth and so much more. Laura uses a range of different therapies from hypnosis, EFT, life coaching, and BWRT.