Lake amenity users blocking cemetery access in Castlebar

THE closure of the car park at Lough Lannagh in Castlebar has resulted in people using the facility parking at the new cemetery instead, blocking access for funerals and people visiting the graves of loved ones.

Signage is to be erected at the cemetery's parking area to appeal to people to leave it for those attending funerals or visiting graves.

The issue was raised at a Castlebar Municipal District meeting this afternoon (Wednesday).

Councillor Michael Kilcoyne said parking at Lough Lannagh had been closed off. As a result, people drove around to the new cemetery and parked there, blocking funerals going in and people visiting graves, and they could walk down through the gate and around the lake same as always.

What was the purpose of closing the car park, he asked.

MD cathaoirleach Councillor Blackie Gavin said one elderly lady's car got stuck in the green area on the way in, where she was forced to park when visiting the cemetery.

“It's not fair on people going out to visit their loved ones in the new cemetery and it's very busy, the cemetery,” he said.

Another area of concern was raised by Councillor Donna Sheridan in respect of the closure of the Raheens Woods car park. This resulted in people parking out on the road.

She understood the rationale behind closing the car parks but it is causing other issues.

Senior engineer Ann Sweeney said the gardaí requested the closures to discourage people who appeared to be travelling outside their five kilmetres.

People were congregating and chatting in the car parks.

She said signage will be erected at the cemetery carpark and they were appealing to people to reserve that car park for those burying their loved ones or visiting them in the graveyard.

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