The site of the proposed mast in Ballintubber, within close proximity to a residence.

Mayo senator calls on Vodafone to withdraw Ballintubber mast proposal

A Mayo Oireachtas member has criticised the manner in which Vodafone is seeking to secure planning permission for a 25-metre mobile phone mast in Ballintubber village.

Senator Lisa Chambers elaborated: "The planning notice was erected on December 12 in the middle of Covid restrictions and in the run up to Christmas.

"It was only by luck that a local resident who was out walking spotted the notice.

"There was absolutely no consultation with the local community which I find totally unacceptable given the close proximity of the proposed mast to so many family homes.

"If one was being totally cynical you could suggest that Vodafone were hoping no one would notice and that time would run out to lodge any objections."

"The mast is as close as 50 metres to one family home where there are young children.

"Even with a bad aim you could throw a stone and hit the proposed mast from this house.

"In my view it is simply too close to be considered safe or acceptable.

"There is an existing 10-metres single arm mast already there but what is being proposed is almost three times as tall and has a lattice design making it far wider and much more imposing.

"In addition the mast is beside an old mill which has been in the Staunton family for generations and is of historic importance to the area, something which has been completely ignored in the planning application."

"The community is not opposed to necessary infrastructure but what is being proposed is a monstrosity and the community feel as though there has been an attempt to sneak this through in the dark of night.

"The lack of engagement with the community leaves a lot to be desired and now there is no support locally for the proposal.

"I have formally sent an objection to the planning section of Mayo County Council.

"But I would appeal to Vodafone Ireland to reconsider this application and to pull back and save the community in Ballintubber the stress and anxiety of this process."