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Concerns raised over impact of ongoing hedge cutting in west Mayo

Concern has been raised over the impact of ongoing hedge cutting currently taking place across the Castlebar municipal district.

The hedge cutting season is currently open and runs until February 28.

While it is widely accepted that some cutting is needed to improve safety along rural roads, there is also a strong view that the extent of it is causing undue damage to the countryside and wildlife.

The matter has been brought to the attention of The Connaught Telegraph by a resident of the area.

He stated: "Some hedge groves are been obliterated and are no longer being cut.

"Not alone does this look awful, it also poses a huge risk of disease entering the trees that have already been destroyed by the cutting.

"For a country and county that markets itself on its beauty and love for the environment, what's happening is a very hypocritical.

"I am a young person who cares about the environment and not looking to have some rant about something.

"I just want an explanation as to why this has been allowed to happen and what Mayo County Council is going to do about it."

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