Have you got a family connection to a lighthouse?

A NEW series of Great Lighthouses of Ireland is going into production for RTÉ this spring, and the producer is keen to hear from anyone about their experiences working in Ireland’s lighthouses, or on board the lightships.

“The first series of Great Lighthouses of Ireland really struck a chord with viewers, due in large part to the personal stories and recollections of the keepers and attendants,” says David Hare of InProductionTV.

“For this new series, I’d like to hear from anyone with a connection - retired keepers and attendants, people whose parents or grandparents worked for Irish Lights, someone who might have been a builder, painter or electrician in a lighthouse, or an engineer or pilot.

“I would also appreciate hearing from anyone who is just passionately interested in lighthouses and has some collectors’ items or photographs.”

If you have a story to tell, you can contact David at david@inproduction.tv.”