Cora Staunton has proved to be a very good team-mate to the injured Bríd Stack at Great Western Sydney Giants this season.

Cork star says she will be forever indebted to 'good-hearted' Mayo legend

Not alone is Cora Staunton still producing the goods on the field, as her four goals for Greater Western Sydney Giants proved at the weekend, but she's also showing what a thoroughly decent human being she is off it.

An old adversary on the pitch, Bríd Stack of Cork, told RTÉ's Sunday Sport show that the Carnacon and Mayo legend has been an enormous help to her since she went Down Under to play Australian Football League Women's (AFLW) this year.

Stack said: “Before I went out to Australia Cora was on to me – ringing me, reassuring me, telling what I should be doing, what's ahead of me, just laying down foundations before I even got to Australia.

“We flew to Perth together. It took about three days for us to get to Perth so we learned a lot about each other in the first three days, let alone the time that's passed afterwards!

“She was instantly a big hit with Cárthach Óg (Stack's son), he just loved her. It's so clear to see why she has so many loving nieces and nephews. She's absolutely outstanding with kids. She took me under her wing from day dot.”

Stack said Staunton was 'so helpful' in the dressing room and on the pitch, introducing her to everyone and instructing her what to do.

The Cork woman suffered a horrific neck injury – a stable fracture of her C7 vertebrae – on her AFLW debut against Adelaide Crows, and again Staunton has been a huge help as she has been trying to come to terms with the injury.

“She was really affected by me getting injured as well. No one wants to see one of your own getting hurt. She's just been a constant source of support form the very start. I'm forever indebted to her for getting me through this.

“She is just the most kind, good-hearted person and has my best interests at heart at all times.”

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